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Me & my why

Hello, thank you for visiting Untangled Mind by Rhana Jane. 


I am a licenced Rapid Transformational Therapy® Practitioner and I use RTT and Hypnotherapy to help women find inner-confidence and overcome anxiety with courage and serenity. I help them to free themselves from what it is that’s holding them back.

Can you remember when you last felt truly confident, in control of your emotions, relaxed and calm, enjoying moments of joy? Are you anxious and overwhelmed, completely stressed out? Are you weighed down by the mask you have to hold up, keeping your life your life looking great from the outside, while you are exhausted and torn apart by stress and low self-esteem on the inside? Do you have past hurts that prevent you from finding joy today? Do you feel you have no control and no voice? Are you filled with negative self-talk? Have you tried everything but still feel you haven’t changed? Do you sabotage your chances of happiness and peace without meaning to? How do you manage with all of this? Are you eating purely for emotional support and comfort? Do you feel financially insecure? Are you lashing out at loved-ones or even pushing them away? Have you come to a new stage of life and just finding it that much harder to cope now? Are you at the point where you just can’t see a way out? 

I can absolutely understand that you’ve just had enough. You want freedom from anxiety, from rage, from the pressure of appearing perfect. You want to feel calm and free to parent in a strong and stable way so you can be a role-model for your children. I work with women who are ready to do just that. I help them find inner calm and confidence and I can help you too. After working with me you will feel calm and confident. You will find the coping skills to deal with the daily pressures of being a mum. You will give yourself permission to be the most slender version of yourself and will find the process of making healthy choices so much easier. You will feel a whole new level of self-esteem.


Just like you I also strive to be the best version of myself. I’ve worked on myself over the years to overcome my own limiting self-beliefs. I’ve suffered childhood trauma, deeply grieved lost loved-ones, lived with the overwhelming daily stress and insomnia that can be motherhood, and come to terms with the end of a twenty-year marriage. I am proud that I have a close and connected relationship with my two teenage daughters and also with my ex-husband and I have achieved this by being honest and kind with myself and everyone else. I have found that the only way to be authentic and live our best life is to close the gap between how we appear and how we truly are. RTT and Hypnotherapy have helped me enormously by giving me a deep understanding of my past and allowing me to come to terms with it: forgiving others and forgiving myself. 

The stress involved in keeping it altogether is just so overwhelming sometimes, it manifests in a variety of mental health issues, physical conditions, as well as repeating patterns and behaviours. The core beliefs we have about ourselves are the root cause of these symptoms. This was absolutely true for me and I have benefited so immensely from shattering my out-of-date thoughts and beliefs.
I am transparent and real, and my clients tell me that I instantly put them at ease. I draw on my past experiences in order to connect and help you. We work side-by-side to learn and grow and you will feel very safe in the process. I work in person at my room in Noosa but can work powerfully over zoom for those who live further away. My work is deeply fulfilling and I love nothing more than seeing my clients transform and find true happiness.

We can all feel whole, we can find our inner power. We can overcome our limiting beliefs about ourselves and we can be free. We have one life and it’s ours to live joyfully. We are all more powerful than we know.

If you have reached your end point where enough is just enough then as a licenced RTT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist I would love to help you find your power. It’s there. It’s been there all along.

Are we a good fit for each other? Get in touch today and schedule your no-cost consultation.

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